The activity is licensed. License 19-06-2021-003110 dated 08/17/2021

The Asia Siberia manufacturing company
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We will produce for you high-quality translucent products made of PVC and aluminum, arrange
We will produce for you high-quality translucent products made of PVC and aluminum, arrange

From order to installation - a maximum of 10 days!

We will provide full information and technical support.

If you want to:

The Asia Siberia company is always ready to help you with facade glazing, entrance groups, fire-fighting products and other works related to translucent structures.

For more than 12 years we have been working in the construction market of the Republic of Khakassia, Tuva, Krasnoyarsk Territory and Mongolia. We have glazed more than 600 large objects - shopping centers, residential buildings, office centers, museums, kindergartens, industrial premises and other commercial facilities.

director Irina Makarenko

Our work

Our advantages - your benefits

Acceptance of applications in any way convenient for the client

Short production times, optimal logistics

Organization of delivery and installation works

Full information and technical support

Assistance in design and construction, load calculations

Individual conditions for: interior design studios, dealers, architects, foremen, suppliers and developers

Providing software keys to dealers for independent work on the calculation of orders

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Plastic windows

At your request, windows can be made in anycolor scheme, any size and shape. Windows have long ceased to be strictly square or rectangular. Triangular, arched, trapezoidal - any of your ideas can easily come to life and become a reality. We can decorate your windows with decorative window frames. Shprosy give the product luxury and individuality. You can also order glass tinting using films of various shades and effects.

So, you are almost ready to order plastic windows. It remains to decide on the profile and configuration of the valves. We do not manufacture standard windows. Each window made for our customer is individual.

Entrance and interior doors

For houses, an elegant combination of metal and glass is possible. For shops and offices we offer production of PVC doors and entrance groups. Various colors and textures. Options - with glass or deaf. Depending on the type of room, the complete set of doors can also change. Additionally, locks, automatic closers, reinforced fittings can be installed.

Interior and office doors made with full or partial glazing will decorate your apartment and emphasize the modern style of the workspace. Retractable and hinged profile systems have easy opening and closing windows due to the latest fittings. Glass can be transparent, tinted, frosted, with a complex structure.

Fireproof doors - doors capable of resisting the onslaught of an open flame for a certain period of time and heat. Ultimate fire resistance can range from fifteen to one hundred and twenty minutes. Products have certificates for compliance with the requirements of GOST 53308-2009.
The activity is licensed. License 19-06-2021-003110 dated 17.08.2021

Aluminum Structures

Diversity of color shades of aluminum profile, lots of design solutions - we have everything to implement any your desire to decorate the surrounding space with lightweight aluminum construction, reliable, durable, practical.

In the limitless scope of aluminum profile structures and aluminum glazing, Asia Siberia Construction Company is always ready to help you, find individual solution to any of your ideas. Experienced managers will calculate the required design taking into account the nuances and layout features, or answer all your questions online or at the sales office.

Balconies and Loggias

Asia Siberia Company will be happy to perform for you PVC glazing for balconies and loggias of any configuration, using Rehau profiles, as well as profiles company Exprof. These reliable systems meet high quality criteria, providing complex, modern designs with excellent design. We offer various color solutions for balcony glazing: profiles can be classic white or laminated in your chosen color.

Additionally, with balcony glazing, you can order finishing of your balcony from us, internal and external, your personal manager will help you choose the balcony configuration, finish color and profile, take into account all your additional wishes, and answer all your questions.

Facades and facade glazing

Finishing with curtain facades is not only about aesthetics and modern appearance, but also the ability to mount them in short terms, at any temperature. Their absolute advantage is long service life, excellent quality and heat saving.

Facade glazing is one of the trending architectural trends in the design of modern buildings and prefabricated structures for various purposes. Despite external fragility, such glazing is reliable and durable. "Asia Siberia" carries out the implementation of "warm" and "cold" glazing using post-transom, structural, frame and spider technology.

Translucent Structures

Such structures should be strong, safe, durable, easy to maintain and easy to use, have an attractive appearance and harmoniously fit into modern design.

Translucent structures are divided into two types: external (enclosing) and internal (for indoor use). The translucent structure can be either a separate independent object or adjoin the building, continuing it.

The main appointment of translucent or translucent structures is to create a barrier against penetration inside dust, dirt, noise, while maintain comfortable conditions indoors and maximize transmit sunlight.


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